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Last Sunday, 4th december stoner rock group „Monster Magnet” had concert in Germany – Munich at club Backstage Werk, they were supported by „Black Spiders”. „Monster Magnet” played their breakthrough album „Dopes of Infinity” plus hits „Powertrip”, „ Space Lord” and „Halucination Boomb”. But let’s start from the beginning…

It has become very popular for bands to blow off the dust of their masterpiece records and play them full lenght on live show. And it is great, because random song selection is more appropriate for festival gigs. But before listeners got to hear „Dopes of Infinity” , they had to be warmed up by „Black Spiders” – new rock group from UK, who just released their debut album „Sons of the North”. Their rock music is a mixture of rock’n’roll groove and punk rock rebellious attitude. Musicians feel the stage and they are fun to watch, but obviously the audiance was waiting for „Monster Magnet”.

I did not recall the first song with whom „Monster Magnet” opened their show – the „Dopes of Infinity” songs were not played in sequence. The boundaries between the songs was treated down showing the kernel of „Dopes of Infinity”. It’s about space traveling, isn’t it? And Dave Wyndorf still likes space, stars, planets and he manages to transform maps of spaces into music. Intense, emphased riffs created sound waves that swallowed headbanging audiance, especially in „Third Alternative” – heavy stoned blues. Songs were erlaged with long instrumental parths, no unnecessary words and 2100 observant listeners. Location was full with people. It looked like it could be sold out gig. „Monster Magnet” gave themself away. After so many years they have managed to keep alive underground feeling as sight of fairness of their expression.

„Monster Magnet” always have had loyal fan basis in Germany. Unfortunately in Baltic States stoner rock is marginal rock music style. A yet four years ago on 2008. 13th November they played a gig in Riga for small, but enthusiastic audience. So I was thrilled to see and hear that in Munich all the crowd were into this kind of music. Stoner rock is very close to me. „Monster Magnet” dope is not deep heavy lost in neverland without future, it’s colorfull journey outside mind frame set by formal standarts of society and musicaly flirting with forbidden, but you better listen to the lyrics. There you will find a lot of clever irony. „Monster Magnet” will be great choise, if you wanna become acquainted with stoner rock. After you have done it, check out „Atomic Bitchwax” and „ Riotgod” – where musicians are playing when they’re not with „ Monster Magnet”.

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